A Managed Service That Doesn't Suck

Josh MacFarland
You know the drill. You're trying to run a business and have enough on your plate without worrying about your IT systems and cybersecurity posture. So you outsource it to a managed service provider (MSP).
But then you find yourself dealing with unexpected downtime, frustrating support issues, escalating costs, and possibly lost business.
Sound familiar? It doesn't have to be this way. There are MSPs out there that don't suck.
They proactively manage your systems, provide excellent customer service (not the folks who sound like you interrupted their day), and even help you save money. In this blog post, we'll show you how to find a managed service that doesn't suck and will make your life easier. Let's talk about that. You may be wondering why you should care about managed services.
Managed services – now, there's a topic that can make eyes glaze over! But believe it or not, if you're responsible for a business or organization, managed services could be vital to helping you succeed. Whether it's avoiding the headlines as the next security breach or just keeping your computers on day-to-day to serve your customers. Managed services give your organization the expertise and resources needed to optimize its technology and operations. Plus, managed services can help reduce costs while allowing your internal resources to focus on key objectives. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed; instead, dig into how managed services could benefit your organization by aligning them with your strategic business objectives. Managed services can be an amazing asset to your organization
There's no question that managed services can make things significantly easier for an organization - if done right. After all, so many of us already outsource parts of our lives to professionals; why not do the same for managing IT & security?
Not only can you get superior advice and expertise from seasoned experts, but it can also save everyone a lot of time and headaches. And let's be honest: no one wants to deal with technical difficulties when they could focus on work that could move the needle. So here's to the managed services that rock - cheers! But only if you find a provider that doesn't suck, of course.
Finding a service provider that doesn't hit you with lengthy contracts or hidden fees is no small feat. How about getting the job done right and on time, and measuring up to industry standards? Unfortunately, finding this type of professional can be like panning for gold: you have to sift through piles of dirt before you finally locate that holy grail. That said, the effort is usually worth it if you carefully vet potential providers. So don't give up hope – trust your intuition, and it'll lead you straight to the prospector's paradise!

Finding the right fit 

How can you tell if a potential managed service provider will be any good?
There is an abundance of managed service providers to choose from, how can one business sift through the countless options and be sure to trust their data, systems, and resources to the provider?


First, research any potential providers, verifying their track record of successful experiences with other customers. Have you heard "The only resource you need is to find the right company."
Ask potential partners specific questions about actual challenges you've encountered in your business operations - that way, you can gauge their depth of experience and familiarity with your industry. And remember those little extras.
  • What does customer service look like?
  • How quickly do they respond to questions?
  • How they handle complaints and/or additional request?

Finally, take your time before signing any contracts - or better yet, find a termless option. You know, go on a few dates before you opt to move in together for 3-5 years and see how it goes. Satisfaction takes precedence over haste in this case! Crafting an optimal relationship between your company and a managed service provider should never be rushed. Your trust and satisfaction should be earned daily.

Qualities to look for in a managed service provider

First and foremost, select someone with plenty of experience and knowledge in your industry. You wouldn't bring your Tesla to a Toyota dealership, would you?
Secondly, find out what kind of customer support they provide; do they have a toll-free number? How quickly do they respond to inquiries? Is this handled in-house? Are they 24x7x365?
Thirdly, analyze their pricing structure and see if it fits within your budget. Do they offer termless options or contracts? Every provider delivers pricing differently. Don't make assumptions. Provide scenarios and get clarity on the deliverables and cost structure. No one likes a surprise bill.
Fourth, what expertise do they have on the bench? L1, L2, L3 engineers? What are they good at, and what do they suck at? Are they agnostic to your tools and hardware? Or do they need you to use theirs?
Last but not least, consider researching past customer reviews - and check out something like Clutch or another platform that can provide pre-vetted providers and reviews. This will give you insight into how the managed service provider handles their clients and customer feedback. Ultimately, finding the perfect managed service provider is like finding true love - take your time, go on a few dates, and make sure you don't settle when searching!
Ultimately, managed services have the potential to be great, but you need to make sure that you are getting the right one for your needs.
There are a few key metrics to keep in mind when looking for a quality-managed service provider - always ask about cost, strengths/weaknesses, scalability options, and more. By doing your due diligence and researching potential providers beforehand, you will likely end up with a company that provides top-rated service and is willing to help you in any way.
Taking advantage of managed services can save money in the long run and free up valuable time so that you can focus on other areas of your business.
So why wait?
What would you change about your current managed service provider if you could?
If you are curious about what options are out there, be sure to reach out to Katalyst and ask us about our termless managed services! We will earn your business daily. With our experience helping businesses of all sizes streamline their digital operations, we guarantee outstanding customer service and tailored solutions that fit your organization's needs.
Josh MacFarland

Account Manager Josh helps executives and technology leaders grow their business with the right solutions, supporting their organizational goals, and maximizing technology investment through IT services.