Future-Proof Your Tech, Without Capital Constraints

Jesse White

Whether it's maintenance, replacements, or upgrades, no business wants to deal with the hassle of outdated equipment. Yet the substantial upfront capital required to stay current with the latest innovations often hinders progress, putting your business at a competitive disadvantage.

This challenge is more than just a financial burden. It affects your productivity, operational efficiency, and overall growth potential. The longer you delay tech refreshes due to capital constraints, the more you risk falling behind.

So what if you could access the newest technology at a lower predictable cost, without worrying about managing?

Enter the Hardware as-a-Service (HaaS) model. HaaS offers a way out of this dilemma by transforming technology acquisition from a capital expense to an operating expense. With manageable monthly payments, you can keep your technology up-to-date, ensuring your business remains competitive, agile, and financially sound, without the upfront capital strain.

But how does that actually work?

Why to choose an operating model over a capital model

HaaS is a type of operating model. You can think of an operating model like renting a house: you pay monthly, maintenance is the landlord's responsibility, and you can move out easily. The capital model is like buying a house: you pay a large sum upfront, handle all repairs, and it's harder to move to a new home.

In an operating model like this, expenses are spread over time with predictable monthly payments, improving cash flow management. This model offers operational flexibility, allowing for easy technology upgrades and scalability in response to business needs. Maintenance and upgrades are managed by the service provider (such as Katalyst), reducing internal resource burdens on your end.

In a capital model, you pay a large amount upfront to own the equipment. You're responsible for fixing and updating it, and you have to deal with the equipment losing value over time. So, the operating model is more flexible and easier on your budget.

Accessing HaaS with Katalyst financing

Katalyst financing allows you to overcome financial constraints and access the latest technology while benefitting from Katalyst’s extensive managed services. These services include cloud infrastructure, advanced threat response, risk management, network services, and more. With this partnership, you ensure your IT needs are comprehensively managed, from helpdesk support to patch management, enabling you to focus on business growth.

By leveraging this HaaS model, Katalyst can acquire necessary hardware for you, eliminating large capital expenditures. Here's how it can help you: 

  • Affordable Access to Hardware: Instead of making a huge investment every few years to update your technology, the HaaS model allows you to access the latest hardware through manageable, predictable monthly payments. This approach significantly reduces the upfront financial burden.
  • Simplified Financial Management: Instead of you paying for the hardware directly, Katalyst includes the cost of the hardware in our monthly managed services invoice to you. This covers both the services provided by Katalyst and the use of the hardware.
  • Maintenance and Upgrades Managed by Katalyst: With HaaS, the maintenance and upgrade of the hardware are handled by Katalyst. This means you don't have to worry about the hassles of maintaining or upgrading the hardware. Katalyst will ensure that the hardware is always up to date and functioning optimally, freeing you from the complexities of managing these processes.
  • No Ownership, No Management Hassles: In this model, you never own the hardware; you simply use it as part of your managed services. This approach eliminates the need for you to manage the hardware directly, significantly reducing the operational overhead and complexity associated with hardware management.
  • Facilitating Business Efficiency and Growth: By opting for HaaS, you can continue to operate and grow your business efficiently without needing significant cash infusions for regular hardware updates. This model not only makes high-end technology more accessible but also aligns with the modern business need for agility and scalability.

In essence, when you pair a HaaS model with Katalyst managed services, you get a financial and operational framework where you can operate efficiently, continually access the latest technology, and manage your business's growth without being hindered by large capital expenditures or the complexities of hardware management.

Katalyst's Managed Services provide a comprehensive technological suite, including cloud infrastructure, advanced threat response, risk management, and network services. Our unique delivery approach ensures your business's IT needs are fully managed, from helpdesk support to patch management, allowing you to focus on business growth.

Ready to take advantage of new opportunities without the risk of overstretching your budget? Schedule a call with Katalyst today. 

Jesse White

VP, Strategic Partnerships Jesse leads the client and business development teams at Katalyst. His experience spans multiple technology platforms and infrastructure. He is skilled at helping customers solve business challenges, navigate market trends and make smarter decisions with disruptive technologies.